Frequently Asked Questions

You will see the term “8-FO” throughout my pages and courses. 8-FO is simply the abbreviation for the name of this program: 8 x Female Orgasm. In some cases it is easier to simply refer to it as 8-FO and in other cases using the abbreviation will prevent my email communications from ending up in customer’s SPAM folders or being blocked by certain sites (some providers automatically relate the word ‘orgasm’ to questionable content).

All purchases are made via our online payment form. Currently we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and in some instances crypto-currencies. If you are having trouble with your online purchase, please contact me directly. I will be happy to assist.

For your protection and immediate access to the member’s area (since the payment system of ClickBank is tied into our system) it’s best to first try and use our payment form. However, if you wish to make alternative payments via a crypto currency then please contact me directly. I have done this before that’s why I am addressing the option.

Yes, since the program is fully online there will not be anything sent to your doorstep. Your billing statement will show a charge by CLKBank*COM only indicating the merchant on the sale (ClickBank – and not Sebastian or 8 x Female Orgasm).

Yes, ClickBank the merchant on the sale handles all sensitive information (credit card billing details) and secures the order 100% via McAfee and Norton online security services as well as advanced encryption methods. I will never ask or see any of your credit card details, so please NEVER send your credit card information via e-mail to make a purchase as it is not secure and I won’t be able to process your order. If you need assistance, please contact me via email directly.

If you have successfully made a purchase you (at times) will be presented with an additional offer – only if its available at the time of your purchase. After that you will be directed to what is called a “Thank You” Page to get access to your purchase. On that page I posted a detailed instruction video on how to proceed in order to get access to the members area. In a nutshell, check your email inbox (along with SPAM, Bulk, and Junk folder) to ensure you received the needed link and login credentials for you to enter into the member’s area. The member’s area is where you can access all content you have purchased.

This is a valid and good question. I do know most other programs and I can say with confidence there isn’t any that I would simply call out to be trash (if I do find one I will point it out). With that said, I am a big believer in the saying “don’t reinvent the wheel” – meaning, why create something if it already exist. I firmly believe my program isn’t just a ground up, re-creation of something that’s been done a 100 times but rather a very comprehensive guide at a more than reasonable price. I have seen single topic courses with actors at a ridiculous price point. Keep in mind; those actors do need to get paid. On top when I decided to create my program I consciously decided to go against a live demonstration. For two reasons: 1. I felt it took away from the underlying topic at hand. Having a couple perform sexual acts can be very informative but also very distracting. In this regard, I decided to stick with the theme of “education” over visual aesthetics. In the end, my course turned out very satisfying (pun intended) and my clients do back that up. 2. I wanted to stay true to a reasonable price. Having actors perform on camera for a course that covers 11 Modules would have cost a small fortune and in the end the consumer would have had to bare these costs.

So I am the first to admit my course isn’t a groundbreaking discovery in the world of female pleasure, but rather the most affordable, most complete, high quality program. I can assure you, you will not get the in-depth knowledge from this course anywhere else – especially at this price.

8 x Female Orgasm is an 11 Module VIDEO seminar series.

Currently I offer 2-varieties of the program. First, the standard version, which is full access to all 8-FO content in the member’s area (for life). With the modules being as followed: 1. Introduction; 2. Anatomy; 3. Nipple Orgasm; 4. Clitoral Orgasm; 5. Vaginal Orgasm; 6. G-Spot Orgasm; 7. Squirt Orgasm; 8. A-Spot Orgasm; 9. Anal Orgasm; 10. U-Spot Orgasm; 11. Bonus: 11 Fantasies. Each module goes about 7 to 45 minutes. I tried to condense it down to only include the most important aspects – making it easy to follow. Each female orgasm module includes demonstration clips in which I show you in detail how the different techniques or sex toy are to be performed or used.

The second package I offer is the full 8-FO program plus access to the Erotic Society. This is a special co-production by Isabella Stone (renowned sex educator) and myself. This package is a mini-subscription and goes 3 months (billed 3 additional times at $15.95 each month). The customer receives a brand new sex education eBook every 14 days to cover topics of: "Ecstasy of Erotic Massage"; "Sex Toys"; "Back Door Fun"; "Fantasy and Role play"; "Sex Games"; "Threesome". The first eBook comes at no extra charge when ordering the upgraded package and the customer can cancel at any time without losing access to 8-FO or the member’s area.

In the member’s area I do provide additional free content as well as opportunities to purchase additional course I highly recommend.

As mentioned in my video the story I tell is true – yes. Now given time moves forward some of the years and dates my actually be older at this point but all in all everything I talked about is factual and true. Now disclaimer here, my real name isn’t Sebastian. I simply use Sebastian to protect my identity and the identity of my family. I am sure this is understandable.

I take customer support and client care very seriously. None of my emails are outsourced or automated. If you write me an email I will always reply myself and hopefully within a timely manner. I strive to provide the best customer service possible. With that said, currently I only offer email support. This can be done directly via my email address (if you haven’t made a purchase yet) or via the support option within the member’s area (for customers). This triggers an email communication directly with me. It’s all setup to make things rather easy for the client. Always feel free to contact me.

The techniques and sex toy demonstrations I show throughout the program are not made on a real person. As mentioned before, this has two reasons: 1. I felt it took away from the underlying topic at hand. Having a couple perform sexual acts can be very informative but also very distracting. In this regard, I decided to stick with the theme of “education” over visual aesthetics. My demonstrations are done on a life-like prop. It’s a silicon vagina that illustrates all necessary anatomic parts needed to fully understand what is being discussed. 2. I wanted to stay true to a reasonable price. Having actors perform on camera for a course that covers 11 Modules would have cost a small fortune and in the end the consumer would have had to bare these costs.

In addition, I use what I call “the mattress” this is solely to illustrate what’s happening in the inside of the woman’s body. This was created very basic but with the intent of creating a full understanding - you sometimes can’t beat ‘basic’. I have received a great amount of feedback from customers thanking me for using “the mattress” as an education tool.

As mentioned in my presentation I stand by my program and the quality I provide. If this is something you aren’t satisfied with or more importantly your partner isn’t experiencing the success you or she might have hoped, then simply contact me directly (within 60 days of my guarantee) and I will refund you your money. However, I do want to point out that no work will be done for you. This is an important concept many people fail to grasp. I do my best to provide you with all necessary tools in order for you and your partner to have amazing sex but in the end it’s up to you to put it into action. If you study my course but do not execute some of the methods and strategies then I can guarantee you that nothing in your sex life will change. You need to put in max effort to achieve the sexual fulfillment you wish to receive and more importantly give. In the end if you are not willing to put in the work, please do not waste a spot for the buyer who is serious about it and then later on blame my program for failing wishing to receive a refund. Please take my course and the responsibilities you get from it seriously.

Yes – this program is perfect for singles! You do not want to find out that you lack sexual expertise in bed once you are lying naked in bed with that hot woman. This could mean it’s the last time you interact with the girl you were with. Make sure you are well rounded beforehand so that you can fully please every woman you have sex.

Yes – this program is perfect for couples! How many couples fall into the old routine of sex 2-3 times a week and then it’s the plain ‘ol missionary style. That type of sex feels more like a chore than a sexual adventure. If you wish to spice up your sexual relationship (or your relationship for that fact) this course can help. In addition, I do offer the upgraded version with the mini-subscription eBook series “The Erotic Society”. Here the customer will receive a new and exciting eBook (specially tailored towards couples) every 14 days. I provide a lot of content for couples to rekindle their sexual staleness.

8-FO is only offered as an online course accessible through the member area. However, due to some clients not having the internet/tech know-how and lack of infrastructure to access the course online, I have made some rare exceptions in order to ensure they can also access the content. In these rare cases I have sent out a physical copy (DVD or USB Drive). This is currently not a standard option but if you find yourself having extreme difficulties in accessing the content then please contact me directly and we can work something out. Please be aware this option could require a small additional surcharge.